New York City


Rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

My much anticipated birthday trip started at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I love museums and this special week was chock full of museum excursions.  Having a drink and watching the city light up from the rooftop at the MET was a perfect way to polish off the first day of traveling, checking in to our VRBO and looking at art.




Metropolitan Museum of Art - John Singer Sargent

This portrait, Dr. Pozzi at Home, by John Singer Sargent is one of my favorites.  It was part of a huge exhibit,  Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friend, made up of mostly non commissioned work.  The exhibit was closing a week later so the gallery was packed visitors.

New York City street scene 
New York City street scene in front of Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Next museum stop: The Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

McCadams_20150929_9064 Picasso sculptures.  
Picasso Sculpture at MOMA

MOMA Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel

Lunch at the Cafe

Lunch in Terrace 5 Cafe

New York City street scene



The Singapore: Inside Out expo in Madison Square park featured art, designs and music from Singapore.

New York City food truck park

Madison Square Eats is a foodies dream.  Over 25 vendors were set up to temp the tastebuds with delicious offerings.

New York City food truck park 
New York City food truck park 

Running the Bronx 10-mile race as part of my race in every state lifetime goal was another list item I wanted to check off for this birthday weekend.




Mission Accomplished:

  • Finish time: 1:48:20
  • Pace per mile: 10:50
  • Another state: New York

After the 10 mile run brunch with bottomless mimosas at Florian was exactly what we needed to recuperate.

Florian Restaurant, New York City 


Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn is a unique museum that exhibits historical artifacts, natural history specimens and other items falling somewhere between the realms of high and low culture.  It’s right up my ally!

Morbid Anatomy Museum


Morbid Anatomy Museum 
Morbid Anatomy Museum

Morbid Anatomy Museum 

McCadams_20Threes Brewing in Brooklyn150928_8982

Afternoon drinks at  Threes Brewing in Brooklyn.

Every year on my birthday I go out for sushi.  I don’t know why, it started sometime during graduate school- I just always go out for sushi.  It doesn’t have to be a super fancy place, sometimes it’s just a tiny little spot and sometimes it’s a nice restaurant.  This year was Haru Sushi in Gramercy Park.

Haru Sushi Gramercy Park 
Haru Sushi Gramercy Park 


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