Coffee Around the World

Without a doubt, my morning coffee is a requirement. Finding that delicious brew when I travel is not only a requirement, it is also a lot of fun. Sampling coffee around the world is another way to experience a culture. Sometimes it’s strong and bold. Sometimes it’s instant and weak. Sometimes it’s served as an afternoon pick-me-up. Sometimes it’s a quick cafe grab.  I love to photograph the different coffees I get to drink along with the treats and delicacies that are customary to serve alongside.

coffee and pastry photography 
coffee photograph Amsterdam 

Usually I take my coffee black – no cream, no sugar. A side story about that…Way back in the day I had a level-up meeting with my 20-year-old self. I realized if I was going to consume that much coffee, at the rate I was going, for the rest of my life, I needed to cut all the extra. (Yeah, I drink a lot coffee, and those sugar calories, at that level, do make a difference.) I will though, when I’m traveling, try coffee the local, traditional way, whatever that might be. You have to.

coffee photograph Amsterdam 

Pastries and coffee

As far as the tasty pastries go, when I am at home I don’t have a bag of treats waiting to be doled out with every cup. I’m way too health conscious for that. I do, however indulge when I travel. I try all sorts of sweets. When in Angro do Herosímo in the Azores it was the Dona Amelias, in Amsterdam it was whatever little nibble came along with, the list can go on and on. No matter where I go, coffee is there with me.

coffee photograph Italy 
coffee photograph Amsterdam

Coffee in Mexico CityCoffee from El Cardenal Restaurant in Mexico City
Cafe and Dona Amelias in the Azores

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