Chihuly Glass Museum, Seattle, Washington




When I booked my ticket to Seattle I knew that visiting the Chihuly Glass Museum was a must. I first became familiar with the glass work of Dale Chihuly when there was a huge exposition of his work at Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art in Nashville, TN.  This major installation lasted the entire summer of 2010 and it made me fall in love.

I visited several times; during the day so I could study the glass pieces in natural light and in relation to the landscape of Cheekwood, and at night when the stunning forms were illuminated.  Usually I am not impressed by glass work but this was entirely different.  His enormous glass structures melded with the landscape of Cheekwood in such a way that I couldn’t help reevaluate my previous conceptions of glass art.  I will say that nothing about glass art has quite impressed me to this degree but I believe that is because there isn’t really anything that can measure up to the scale of Chihuly’s work.

When I visited there, it was of course rainy but that didn’t stop my enjoyment of seeing for the second time how gorgeous his work is. The museum is located right next to the Space Needle and walking distance to the Museum of Pop Culture.

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