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I am a multimedia artist who combines photography, videography and interactive media to record and share the world’s most important locations, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These places exemplify extraordinary cultural achievement and unique natural phenomena that belong to the entire human race. I’ve always been drawn to ideas of conservation and important cultural places as an artist. I, like many other Americans of recent, have felt powerless against political turmoil, violence, environmental ignorance, and social distrust. To get over that feeling of powerlessness, to make an impact and change things for the better, I have a contribution. I can show our world's most precious treasures from my perspective as an artist. I want to help people recognize that we are all one humanity and we all share each other’s heritage. This is a wildly ambitious legacy project, one I might never see into completion. I am pursuing it though in order to know I am trying to make a difference by bringing understanding and appreciation to the significance of these sites as shared heritage, and by encouraging their protection and preservation for future generations.


Photography, travel, museums, wine and the color silver.  Amanda McCadams received her MFA in photography from the University of Georgia and her BS in photography from Middle Tennessee State University. She is an bi-lingual image storyteller who loves social media, and digital technology.

Amanda is based in Nashville, TN, really close to the international airport.


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